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About Associate Dean


Dr. Nareddy Narayana Reddy, a noted Agricultural Research Service Scientist and Country Head for Climate Change Research of Horticultural crops in India, served in various capacities at different locations in Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Presently on a short term assignment as Associate Dean at SKCHS, Anantapur affiliated to Dr Y S R Horticultural University has got an experience of more than 35 years in Teaching, Research, Extension, Development and Industry put together. He is an alumnus of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, (IARI) New Delhi where he obtained his Ph.D.

He is versatile in heading multidisciplinary specialized teams in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Agrometeorology, Engineering and Indigenous Technical Knowledge Systems (ITKS). His accomplishments include more than 170 Publications in reputed peer reviewed National and International Journals and conferences by virtue of his original work in Horticultural commodities. He is a Fellow of Horticultural Society of India, New Delhi, International Society of Horticultural Sciences, Netherlands, Life Member of IAHS, Indian Society of Citriculture, Indian Society of Agrometeorology, Member of Bureau of Indian Standards, (BIS), New Delhi and others. Notably he is a Member of Drafting Committee to promulgate Good Agricultural Practices (INDIAGAP) for India in order to promote International Quality Standards in Agri- and Horticultural Commodities for garnering Foreign Exchange to India.

He bagged many awards, notable among them are “The Best Researcher” “The Best Teacher” “Innovative Researcher”. He is regarded for his enormous TEAM BUILDING abilities and Maximizes the team output where ever he is present. He played a pivotal role in getting “Best Institutional Innovation Award” from ICAR for outstanding contribution to research and community leadership in water budgeting and water sharing in eight districts of India. He was a member designate in various committees to bifurcate into Dr Y S R Horticultural University, Tadepalligudem and Sri Konda Laxman Telangana State Horticultural University, Hyderabad and a mentor to both during their initial years of formation. He designed new courses, taught , guided students for their masters and doctoral programmes as a part of his Research, Development and Consultancy Projects.

He is the Fellowship Awardee from Overseas Development Group, to visit UK and other European Countries for analyzing Land Degradation and Sustainable Livelihood Securities in Rural Settings. He represented third world countries and presented a status paper to the FAO of UN which became instrumental in initiating a dialogue on behalf of India on World Food Security Systems.

He is widely travelled, an accomplished researcher, academician, renowned speaker and a visiting professor to various Universities at home and abroad. He is an empanelled expert advisor to implement CSR projects of Tatas and others.

Associate Dean's Message

Dear Student,

Greetings from SKCHS, ATP. The future belongs to Horticulture and the youngsters. Horticulture has got tremendous potential in terms of food and nutrition apart from providing multitude of employment opportunities to the budding horticulturists. We at SKCHS strive to groom the youngsters whom the country needs. Horticulture is an art and science dealing with Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Medicinal Plants and Plantation Crops. Fruits & Vegetables are rich source of vitamins & minerals. Flowers a symbol of love and purity used to adore deities of all regions. They have capacity to change the moods of human beings. Similarly, to get one self-cured from ailments, medicinal plants have come in hands. To fulfill the needs of present day requirements, production of all these horticulture products has to be increased adopting the latest technology.

SKCHS has completed productive academic years successfully producing 1 batch of under graduate students recently. College campus has a well-designed administrative building, different departments with their well-equipped labs, research farm, digital classrooms, library, seminar, examination & conference halls etc. in order to ensure overall development of students. A separate computer lab with internet connection provides excellent opportunity to the students for communicating & access to scientific information from all over the world. Through providing an academic environment that focuses on innovation and best practices, we ready our students to succeed in a highly competitive global environment.


Associate Dean