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Disciplinary Committee

The College Disciplinary Committee is responsible for maintaining discipline on campus. Its goal is to ensure that students follow rules, behave well and create a positive educational environment. The committee aims to instill professionalism and good practices among students.


  1. Foster a positive approach to discipline.
  2. Establish rules for maintaining discipline on campus.
  3. Encourage good and healthy practices.
  4. Ensure a calm and peaceful academic atmosphere.
  5. Prevent physical confrontations among students.
  6. Investigate and address reports of indisciplinary activities.
  7. Take appropriate actions against students involved in indisciplinary activities.
  8. Work towards reducing violence and confrontations in the future.

Responsibilities of the Disciplinary Committee:

  1. Enforce strict discipline on campus.
  2. Ensure students wear ID cards and follow the dress code.
  3. Address violations with warnings and advice.
  4. Monitor student movements during working hours.
  5. Prevent loitering in corridors.
  6. Ensure attendance in classes and restrict early departures.
  7. Prohibit smoking on campus.
  8. Maintain silence in the library.
  9. Enforce discipline in the canteen and student waiting room.
  10. Address damage to college property with fines and disciplinary action.
  11. Warn and take disciplinary action for repeated misconduct.
  12. Assist the anti-ragging committee.

Specific Behavioural Guidelines:

  1. Follow uniform and timing rules.
  2. No cell phones on campus; use class coordinator for emergencies.
  3. Seek permission before leaving the classroom.
  4. Maintain cleanliness and respect others' property.

Classroom Rules:

  1. Arrive on time with necessary equipment.
  2. Listen without interruption.
  3. Complete assignments on time.
  4. Treat others with respect.
  5. Act responsibly and safely.

Dress Code:

  1. Neatly put-up hair (for girls).
  2. No short trousers.
  3. Boys must keep pants up; no dragging on the ground.

Mobile Policy:

  1. Mobiles prohibited on campus.
  2. Parents should discourage bringing phones.
  3. Confiscation for phone use; use college phones for emergencies.

Powers of the Committee:

The Disciplinary Committee can impose penalties for disciplinary cases, including written apologies, recovery of losses, suspension, withholding salary, demotion, removal or dismissal.


  1. Report violations to the relevant authority.
  2. Notify the respondent and investigate within three days.
  3. If merited, form a committee and suspend the respondent if necessary.
  4. Complete the investigation within fifteen days.
  5. Submit a conclusion report to the head of the institution.
  6. Execute the decision within fifteen days.
  7. Maintain confidential records of proceedings.

The college has framed the disciplinary Committee for the academic year 2023-24 with the following members –

S. No. Name of the Faculty Department Position
1 Dr.N. Narayana Reddy Associate Dean, SKCHS Chairman
2 Dr.A.Aravinda Assistant Professor,Department of Biochemistry Convener
3 Dr.P.Nagaraju Associate Professor,Department of Statistics Member
4 Dr.G.S.Anil Kumar Asst. Professor,Department of Horticulture Member
5 Dr.A.Jawahar Reddy Asst. Professor,Department of Entomology Member